Final Stop Motion

This assignment was very challenging for me since I couldn’t stick to an idea. once I did I ran with it, but it was still tough.

I decided to change my PSA to be about health! I make a smoothie every morning and try to get in as much essential daily nutrients as I can, so I thought why not share it with stop motion. I did a lot of the editing on after effects but for the video files I used premiere. Then I was able to add in some animated text.

This was a fun project since I love talking about health and making stop motion videos. However my tripod was a bit wonky that night so my video was a little tilted and my lens was a bit blurry at times. So I did have to do a bunch of editing in post to speed things up. My favourite part was getting the apple to turn on the blender. I had some other effect ideas that I didn’t have the time to implement, but that’s because I changed my idea…again.


Director’s cut

This is a very rough director’s cut since I changed the entire project last minute to a different subject: which are words. The words we use have power in our homes and lives. I was inspired by a recent lesson in class and a soundbite from one of Maya Angelou’s final recorded appearances on OWN. I decided to create the start with animated Kinetic Typography (using a camera and basic type effects) then use visual representations of her statements. In the final piece I will use 3D tracking to have the type either push out of the walls or have the wall crumble to reveal the affirming texts. As well the text will wrap well around the curtains and window in the second last scene. In the final scene with me I will add a tracked mask on my eyes and have the words start to fill into my eyes before the scene cuts abruptly. I may change colours however I think the violet shows up ok in most of the scenes.

Style frame 1 Style frame 2 Style frame 3Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.10.07 AM Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.09.59 AM

Week 12

Themes in my projects have definitely been ‘people’ focused and oriented. I am fascinated by people and their stories and where they came from. I think portrait projects are definitely my niche although I would like to expand for sure. I just felt most comfortable in looking at and manipulating the shape of people.

This course has definitely ‘ruined’ a bit of movie magic for me. I’m very happy that I know how to use photoshop (although I still have a long ways to go). I’m no longer scared when I’m looking at a picture that needs to be edited. This entire semester has been a bit of a shock to my analog system haha.

Although I already had a critical and design focused lens this course has only made it sharper to the aesthetics of the world around me. I see things in the form of shape and although I was already a bit of a typography nerd I’ve geeked out even more now that I know a some more about typeface.

My first entry focused on how harried I was and a bit of anxiety seeped through. I think I can definitely be an A+ student…but I would be one without a social life and one in debt (I’m paying off school as I attend…not fun). However, I’m doing it. I’m able to go to school and work and hang out with my friends and just juggle things a bit. Some weeks were stressful and I just checked out of school. But my grades didn’t take too much of a hit and my sanity was definitely happy about that. Thank you Ginger! I enjoyed my time.


Motion Graphics Assignment

‘You Don’t Look like Anyone I Know’ is an autobiography by Helen Sellers who was diagnosed with face blindness. The rare condition does not allow Sellers to be able to differentiate faces from one another. She did not find out that she had this condition until she was almost thirty (as is detailed in the book). As a result this isolated her from friends, family and other loved ones. She didn’t recognize people unless there was something unique about their gait or hair colour. Otherwise she would breeze right past them in grocery stores, school hallways  and other social settings. 

When going over how to create this assignment I was torn but admittedly pulled inspiration from Taylor Swift’s new album 1985. The polaroid filled album art reminded me of the intimacy of polaroid photographs  and I knew I had to incorporate them into my project. I eventually settled on having the polaroids fall as if carelessly tossed. The main photo develops right on camera which was actually the easiest thing to do for the assignment. Each of the images was edited in Photoshop to give a look of eerie blank space on people’s faces. Their blob-like look also gives an odd sense of feeling alone like you can’t relate to what is in the photograph. Which I wanted. The eerie music in the background as well leaves the audience feeling a bit creeped out. I was torn between putting a message with the Author’s name or recording one but I decided not to at the last minute. I think the photograph looks too bulky if it’s done that way. 

Week 11

I actually am not a gamer. I used to play a lot of games when I was younger (no one could ever beat me at Tap Tap Revenge). As an only child with a protective mother I was definitely forced into looking for ways to curb my boredom so gaming was a great outlet.

Storytelling through gaming is now interactive. We can use Ramona’s new transmedia game as an example of how we can tell a story through social media, interaction and a documentary featuring gaming adventures. This actually changes everything. Excuse the swearing but this video from Her definitely shows a new way of interacting with things we consider to be stuff’ (video games and an operating system). This also relates to what we learned in RTA 101 about fitting gaming into our lives.

I like Jane’s points it’s just tricky for me to agree with it. When I game I’m not productive hence why I deleted games from my phone and why I sold my gaming console and systems (and I was moving so there was no point in me taking everything with me). I tend to get locked into things and obsess a bit so gaming isn’t exactly my first choice for activities. However, I think that interacting with the gaming world has build confidence and awareness of my abilities and the abilities of others.

Week 10

My final piece is regretfully in the same spot it was from two weeks ago. But I’ve scheduled some time to complete it. I’m still toggling between how I want the animation to flow. I know what I want the end result to be, but I’m just not sure how it’ll all come together. Hopefully on my infographics day I’ll be able to hammer away at it…it’s almost crunch time *cries*

I know I want to stick with the polaroid idea and writing on the blank faces of the photograph. It’ll just take me some time.

Some videos for inspiration on the story are:


Week 9

I’m cheating a bit! I heard this story a while back on Tumblr and I think it fits as my P1 and 2.

Below is an adorably inspiring cartoon drawn by Gav from Zen Pencils. This relates to transmedia because the quote is originally taken from an Ask Amy episode from her video series. This quote was then taken and moved to another medium. It created a consistent united experience across both platforms through being just as inspirational as the video. The video platform was a 1 camera and webcam quality youtube session with a cute intro and outro. It did what’s ok for the platform (not really the best but it worked). The comic did what’s best for the medium in breaking up the quote and using it to supplement a ‘silent’ story. Then As each elements worked on their own terms the comic added to the larger experience by having the main character take Amy’s advice. This then brought people together on Tumblr where I found the post to comment on how inspired they were by the piece, people in the YouTube comments doing the same and members of the comic community remarking on how much they either liked or didn’t like the comic.


I’ve also engaged in video series and their online content before.

Motion Graphics Prototype

My motion graphics assignment was based on an autobiography I read and enjoyed titled You Don’t Look Like Anyone I Know about a woman who has face blindness. Her emotional roller coaster of a journey was documented through a series of stories of isolation as a result of not recognizing those around her that she loves. When she finally figured out why she didn’t recognize other people it was as if her life was clearer and although she still couldn’t recognize people based on their faces, things weren’t as ‘blurry’. I chose to make the photograph a polaroid since they’re intimate. Polaroid photographs are usually for when you’re with people you know and love, not landscape or events. Through the unspoken intimacy of an polaroid you would expect that whoever took or owns the photograph would recognize whoever is in the picture.




Polaroid Written on layers


Polaroid 3 (End)End

By distorting the blurred photograph in the first layer the viewer may just think that they can’t recognize the face because of the blur and the distortion. However the blur then fades away into a clear image of a polaroid picture of a woman without a face. During this time the font will be fading in word by word. By creating this disorientation the viewer will understand that there is something wrong not only with her face but with the fact that we can’t recognize her. As you can see from the photos below I was inspired by faces that are obviously still faces, but as a result of their distortion or missing pieces they are eerie and unrecognizable.


IMG_0807 IMG_0768


The style of how my letters blurred was inspired by the Focus pictures sequence that plays before movies.

Week #8

The biggest revelation I’ve had is that I can do this. I can go to school. Part of my 4 year break was spent procrastinating. While I’ve finally learned how to embrace change and roll with it, going to school was also an investment decision. I’ve been told, you can never spend too much on travel or education. So here I am spending my savings on school *insert crying break here*



Other than crying over my bank account I’ve also been looking at the world around me in a different way and consuming media with a new perspective. While I’ve come across some really interesting content the most captivating has to be the 3D sculptures made by a team of 10 under the creative direction of  Jonty Hurwitz. These truly microscopic works of art are absolutely incredible. Inspired by the collision of myth and science the Nano Sculptures were created with painstaking detail to scale with miniature objects around in our daily life. Based on the information I got on Tumblr this was art made with quantum physics (***mind blown***) through 3D printing.


Cupid4-01a Cupid-ant-heavenly-01



Week #7

I love the Kill Bill title sequence. The whiplash text at the end with the slash down the middle gives me the motion graphic feels! Aside from personal preference, I think this is a strong piece because it tells me so much about the story whether I know it or not. The four assassins outside of the church, the knife slash down the middle of the title…all of those little details that make cult-fans squeal with glee at conventions.

The Skins opening sequence was extremely strong for very subtle reasons beyond just design. Following the eclectic style of teens in the mid 2000’s the choppy opening was quick and rapidly filled with previous episodes but what made it special was the fact that each episode’s character theme would be incorporated into the title theme. So the final 3 seconds would be the main character of that episode (of the 6 characters) doing something whether outside or looking stressed but it would be a reflection of what’s to come. I loved this because the theme was not only short, but since you were always waiting for the character rotation to finally tell the story of your favourite among the bunch, it was like this big reveal that you never got sick of. So you were kind of excited for the theme, not wishing you could fast forward through it. As well the colours would be different for each varying character.

For my motions graphic project I am considering doing a 10 second book trailer for You Don’t Look Like Anyone I Know by Helen Sellers. She is a professor based in the states who has face blindness. So she is unable to recognize people’s faces since they all look the same to her; undefinable yet the most recognizable characteristic of a person. I considered blurring out the face of someone I know and writing on them and I’ve been doing a lot of research on using the title of the book and author’s name as signifiers as well. So maybe the writing is blurry then the image of the face as well as the text become clearer as the trailer progresses. It’s an interesting book and I recommend it to a lot of people so I think it’ll be a good challenge when the time comes for me to figure it out.